5 Reasons to Be A Fan Creator

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

The wonderful world of Fan Creations and the two most popular forms, Fan Art and Fan Fiction, have been the subject of debate of whether it’s a trend, an ethical practice or even required for an audience boost. Articles have been written about the copyright infringement and folks have bashed the artists who do nothing but pray on the creations of others.

I can answer a couple of questions really quick here before I get way too far down the wrong track.

Is fanart a trend?

No. People have been doing fanart since the Bible. Religious art, Mythological art, Art based on stories like Alice in Wonderland or Edgar Allan Poe.

Is it an ethical practice?

Both yes and no. No one can tell you to not draw what you love but people can, and will, get you if you try to sell stuff. Read more about this HERE

Will Fan Creations make you popular?