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5 Reasons to Be A Fan Creator

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

The wonderful world of Fan Creations and the two most popular forms, Fan Art and Fan Fiction, have been the subject of debate of whether it’s a trend, an ethical practice or even required for an audience boost. Articles have been written about the copyright infringement and folks have bashed the artists who do nothing but pray on the creations of others.

I can answer a couple of questions really quick here before I get way too far down the wrong track.

Is fanart a trend?

No. People have been doing fanart since the Bible. Religious art, Mythological art, Art based on stories like Alice in Wonderland or Edgar Allan Poe.

Is it an ethical practice?

Both yes and no. No one can tell you to not draw what you love but people can, and will, get you if you try to sell stuff. Read more about this HERE

Will Fan Creations make you popular?

Again, Yes and No. Popularity is fickle and a jerk. You can be a star one day and then the trend will shift. If you are chasing trends people may love you or people may come to the conclusion you are a poser. Trust me… chasing is exhausting. Just do what you love.

Now for the Main Article


I want to give a disclaimer that nothing I say here is reflecting anyone else’s opinions. This is all me and what I’ve learned. I have been a fan creator for years. For as long as I can remember but that story is too long to get into right now.

-For Fan Artists -

1. You can practice new styles

2. You have the perfect subject to draw every day without thinking about what to draw

3. You can learn to push characters outside of your comfort zone

  • Different techniques can be picked up from different shows

  • You will learn new facial structures and patterns

  • By default of practice and daily drawing; You will grow as an artist

4. You can make your headcanon come to life

  • This will also apply to all fan creators

5. You can find people who love the same things you do

-For Fanfiction Authors-

1. Just like above, you can make your headcanon come to life. Happy satisfaction.

2. Writing skills take practice and fanfiction can help with an audience of fellow writers who are also growing their skills

  • You get better feedback from your readers than most original writers will once the story is published.

  • Constructive Critique

3. You learn creative ways to twist the same plot into different stories

4. Manipulating characters and using unusual circumstances to keep character will help you be a better character creator

5. You can practice taboo subjects for cathartic reasons

-For Cosplay and Craft Makers-

1. Skills from practice. (sensing a pattern here?)

2. Learn techniques that you would normally not think about while making traditional daywear

  • Crazy fantasy embroidery or wire wrapping

  • Not to mention battle armor!

3. People will commission you for unique costumes be it cosplay or for events

4. Conventions can help you meet people and pick up new tricks

5. You get to play with fabrics you rarely see in the department stores

-For all creators-

1. Practice

2. Growth

3. Exposure to a new audience

4. The joy of seeing your creation and how happy it makes others.

5. Supportive communities are always there to encourage you


Now that this is over I will say it’s not all sunshine and daisies.

There are negative aspects to being a creator but the positive outweighs them which is why I am still here.

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