Self-Care for Artists and Writers

We work hard. I know most people think that being an artist or a writer is an easy career full of fun and fanciful waltzes in daydream land but we know the truth. Our bodies and minds are busy 24 hrs a day chiseling away at our latest project.

Regardless of whether it is writing or drawing, sewing, or sculpting. We Are Busy. Our brains work overtime as we lay our heads down upon our pillows and dream about the next project on our list. Then when we wake up, the cycle begins again.

On top of all of that, we experience the stress of social media and attracting clients and commissions. Shopping out our unpublished novels can start to take a toll on our confidence and that 2-month illustration only got two likes on Instagram!!! No way. You worked too hard. Too long.

It's just not fair that our hard efforts are tossed aside because, as everyone in the world knows, artists and writers are living the dream.