Don't Compare; Stay True to You!

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

I've noticed a theme around the web lately. People have admiration for a particular artist or writer and that simple appreciation turns into a wish. A wish to be just like that person.

They want that artist's success. Their following. The talent.

What happens in these moments, these dreams unspoken, is something that can easily turn toxic. The admiration becomes obsessive and the person who strives to be more starts to sink into a depression.

They feel inadequate. They feel worthless. Like their art is nothing compared to the creation of their idol. How can I become a better artist? Why is my story not as engaging as theirs? Will I ever be better than I am now? Am I ever going to be enough?

Why can't I be just like them?

There is only one thing to say to this type of spiral.