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Quarantine = Time For A New Project!

Updated: Apr 7, 2020


Trapped inside and facing the endless abyss of boredom? Fearful of Cabin Fever? Tired of streaming endless episodes of series you have already watched a bajillion times?

I feel ya.

I have a few ideas for you to help get you through the next few weeks. These three time-consuming projects will keep you busy and if there is one cure for the lockdown blues, it's time-consuming projects.

1. Start a new story

Face it, you knew I was going to lead with that one. It's obvious that you could finish a story, novel or even a tell-all memoir about the fly that won't leave you the fuck alone.

But where would you start? Do you have writer's block? Have you used up every plot in your plot bunny book? Never fear! I have you covered with some cool plot device tools that I found online.

Note: If you are writing an original story and not fanfic, you can self publish through Amazon.

2. Start a Podcast

This is a lot of fun. I have been considering starting a second one myself for all artists out there and not just for the Fandom world. However, if you want to try out this wonderful media source, here are some resources to get you started.

2. Buzzsprout Podcast Platform - This is what I use for Fandom Fanfic and Fun.

3. Affordable starter Microphone

4. Simple Editing Software - Wavepad, Audacity or Audition

3. Startup a Youtube Channel

I should focus on mine, so this is something I should take my own advice with. You would be surprised at how little you need to create a channel. One of my favorite places to learn Tube stuff is from TubeBuddy.

1. Find a topic. This is something you already know how to do. A topic you are an expert on.

3. If you are recording with your phone get a selfie light

4. Download OBS or Streamlabs

These three projects are great for people who want to pick up new skills and eventually monetize and earn some extra cash.

You would be surprised at how many ways there are out there to supplement your income as an artist.

Let's get through this mess together. We got this.

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