Tumblr Survival Guide

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Today we live in a media connected society. Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube and Twitter, but right now I want to talk about the "Hell Site" known as Tumblr.

Now I know there are many different websites with the opt "out" platform and Tumblr is only one of these and as such it can be a place where chaos runs rampant. Original content, fandom content, blogs, art, music and all sorts of amazing stuff can be found using a simple tag and follow system.

The problem? Well, generalized tags will leave you open to things that do follow the guidelines but don't agree with you. This is normal. This is society and it all comes down with how we protect and care for ourselves. After being a member of the website for a few years, I have pulled together a plan to avoid the drama. So here you go;

Z's Tumblr Survival Guide:

Download Tumblr Savior or Xkit

Two apps can make a big difference between a basic experience and an advanced exp