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How To Start Up An Etsy Shop

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

If you have used Etsy before, then I suggest you skip this entry of the blog. This is super beginner because I myself am still figuring out the fine points of selling on this site.


So here's the deal... I've had an account for years but only to buy stuff. I've always wanted to sell on Etsy but I have been hesitant. 

Several reason, really. Shipping terrifies me and traditional art was always a rare medium for me to work with. I've been digital only for several years.

I only put up a couple artist cards, a print signed print of one of my digital arts and one complete fan art.

It's easy enough. Upload photo. Set price...

I mean you could get more complicated, like picking a name, a theme and your market but this is super basic soooo lets move on.

To start, with I am going to list the supplies you are going to need.

First off... Gotta have a scale. Yup that's right. To send out packages you need to know how heavy the items are so you can set shipping prices.

I just bought one at Office Depot... then I go on Amazon and find the same damn one for 20 dollars less. Go figure.

It was a while ago but this is the same type of scale.

Anyway moving on. My scale measures up to 3 lbs. since I am only using it for art cards. There are ones that measure heavier items if you need them.

Most of my products are only a few ounces. The heaviest being over one pound.

Next you need a ruler. Any ruler will do (tape measure would be good too) and you need to measure the length, width and height of your package.

This will help Etsy calculate your shipping for you and add it to your customers total. 


Anyway. That's really all that you need besides a shop banner and a logo. You probably already have stuff like that if you have another art shop. All else fails use your own photo. 😊

To create the shop - Click Sell on Etsy at the top right of the site or Open a shop at the bottom left.

From there you pick your language preference, shop name and upload your first item for sale. Either physical or digital, they both work. Keep in mind that you will have to pay for the listing. It's not always a joy.

There is a portion on Etsy where you can post where you will be selling physically should you ever do a street fair or market.

A warning; there are some downsides to Etsy.

One being that after a certain amount of earnings they will deduct from you. This was discovered by a friend of mine who did hand made teapots. There is also a risk in shipping that your items could get lost or damaged.

If you have questions, they have a decent help section.

You can always reach out to fellow artists using their community in the sellers forum.

All in all, they do their best to help you make sells. Now it's up to you to be diligent about putting up your work.

Good Luck Artists!

I sold mostly art cards but alas, only one was purchased off that site. The rest sold either on Instagram or in person.
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