Creatives Have No Boundaries: Be An Artist

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

This short blog post is being written at the end of the 2018 in hopes that readers will enjoy their last moments of a fruit-full year and send out wishes that the next will bring new projects your way.

Today I want to encourage you to expand your creative spectrum.

Are you an illustrator?

Many who have read my posts are artists. Most likely visual artists who draw or create imagery of any sort be it graphic design or comics. I highly support this as I too am an illustration centered artist. I love to draw and I love my cartoons but I am not limited to those bits of creativity.

Number one identifying trait is that I love to create. To bring forth some sort of beauty, happiness or in opposition, some unease into the world.

As an artist: I encourage study of form and color. A never ending education of the world around us to discover what can move a person from simply eyeing a few bits of scribble to admiring the technique behind the work.

This is my hope. I make it my job is to evoke an emotion or create a journey. Which leads me to the next bit of artistry.

Are you a writer?

Writing is a joy and often a frustration. Under this name, Zellykat, you will only find these blog posts but if you should discover my pen names then you will learn that I have a joy of writing. It's a deep passion that I have not used for professional means.

It is a hobby to which I indulge often, if not daily.

So, as a writer: I encourage you to study the motions and flow of words and the power they have to spur a person into staring for hours at the words on a screen or a page... kinda like how it's working right now as you read my blog.

Are you a Photographer?

For a few years of my life I made my career as a photographer. To this day, I find some joy in the capture of an image. It may be the only way a person can see what I have seen. Granted I no longer use photography as a profession.

I downgraded this skill to a hobby, yet another creative means to enjoy life.

As a photographer: I encourage you to see from another persons eyes and perhaps, share your world with the countless strangers of this earth.

Are you a crafter?

Hobbies can take us anywhere and in knowing this I have tested out many talents that are not of my own. I am not a seamstress. I am not a sculptor nor am I a prop maker. I have tried and used these skills for fun, however.

I have made my own Bellydance costumes, cosplay and even some regular daily wear clothing. It's fun and rewarding in so many ways to be able to hold these items up and say, "YES! I totally made this."

Props are not easy but boy does it feel rewarding to create something new. Same can be said for molding and sculpting. Heck, I even tried latch hook rugs back in their popularity.

As a hobbiest crafter: I encourage you to try a new trick. Something you have always walked past in a craft store and pondered. Just do it. You may fall in love with a new hobby.

Are you a musician or dancer?

Speaking of hobby,