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6 Social Media for Artists - Getting Your Work Out There

I've been asked by other new artists how I get my work out there for the world to see. They recognized my work and they want to know how to get people to recognize them.

Usually, this is followed by surprise and a nervous chuckle because I don't consider myself all that popular or even well known. I've been an artist for most of my life but it's been a struggle to get noticed.

These days its easier to get work out there for the masses and hopefully increase your audience size. Social Media is the key. (To make it easier I've added links to my own personal social media outlets as an example)

I'm sure you have one already. Most people do but this is one of the best ways I've noticed to find more people who are NOT artists to find your work. Fans all over search hashtags (for older gens like me that would be the pound/number sign). 

For example my work is usually under #Beetlejuice or #bellydanceart. Sometimes you can use popular tags like #artistcards #artistsofinstagram or go simple like #sketchbook

The best part of Instagram. You can use your phone and even do some live feeds of you actually doing your work without the pressure of posting officially complete artworks like on my next artist social media...

Bit of advice:
Don't use bots to boost yourself. I was on a job where they used it and they got banned for paying for services. Rule of thumb - Don't use sites with "intsa" or "gram" in the title. Those are against Instagrams T.O.S.

Again, I'm sure you have this and if you don't it's ok. The beauty of Facebook is that most people have it and making a page for your artwork is really easy. At one point I had a page creation problem. One for my art, one for my photography and one for my silliness that is cosplay and dance life.

Now I only have one page for my art and one for my podcast.

Advice for Facebook:
Do interesting posts. Memes and videos are popular. I didn't have the time to commit to that level of content so I removed my pages. Hopefully you have better results.

Now Twitter is an interesting duck... bird. It's limited to a certain number of characters per post and that includes your hashtags. I had my twitter linked up to my Facebook page so that when I post on FB it's converted into a shorter tweet and a link. Very useful for my longer posts.

However, you can just post links to your shops, portfolio, and updates to your other social media outlets. Twitter is no pressure and it can be nice to vent random thoughts.

Advice for Twitter:
People wanna see fun stuff and updates on what you are up to. They don't seem to like having products shoved at them. Lost a few followers for that but if you space things out when you update your shops then it should work out for the best.

I love Tumblr. I have multiple blogs over there. I had to slowly remove a few because I went a little bonkers. I had everything from my artwork, to my role play... yup, I'm a dork, I've never hidden that from anyone and I'm a big-time fangirl. Tumblr is like a safe haven for me.

On Tumblr, you can use hashtags and people have the opportunity to reblog and share your work with their followers. Your audience can expand through this social media outlet without you even knowing sometimes. I've met many people through Tumblr over the last couple of years, many becoming close friends.

The best part about Tumblr is that original content is highly coveted. There is a need, a craving for it AND if you already have a target audience, chances are you will find them there.

Tumblr Advice:
Pace yourself and tag tag tag!

I will be surprised if you are an artist and you don't have a deviant art. Most of us already do and I don't know about you but I love it.

Most artists on there are very particular about the work they follow and that's ok. This place is artists for artists and yes, admittedly it is hard to get noticed but you can talk to and meet friends from around the world. I myself have several friends I've met through this site.

DeviantArt is where I post most of my fan art since it's welcome there and many artists search solely for their fandom. Very similar to Tumblr and Instagram you can tag your work for these folks to find you. Be mindful there is a chance you will stumble across adult content so make sure you keep your maturity filter on if you don't want to see such works.

You can also write journals and customize your profile to attract people not only to that page but to your other social media.

Deviantart Tips:
Try not to rely on this site to boost your popularity. The competition is stiff among artists but if you are lucky you may find friends who are into the same things you are. There are also plenty of advice and tutorial posts up there for the budding artist.

Pure fun. I have had to learn this platform for my work and I manage it well. So much so that I started to use it for myself. The best part is that you can use it to make money if you need to boost traffic to your websites or shops.

Lots of Etsy users are here too.

Personally, I use this for inspiration and to share my tutorials and blogs. You can contribute to this amazing place by creating a "pin" of your own tutorials and linking them to your website or social page. With luck, those pins could go viral and bam... new following!

For organization nuts like me, this is a very satisfying place to play in your spare time.

Pinterest Tips:
Try to make independent pin images in the preferred ratio of 2;3. Those pins get more attraction. Especially ones with super bold text. Try to link to your blog like I did and jump into group boards. I may do a Pinterest only post in the future on this blog for artists and new business people.

That's all for today my lovelies. Currently, these are the only outlets I use but as the time progresses and more become available I will be experimenting to find what works. I know I am skipping over Youtube this time. I do have one but I don't consider that social media.

The following are tips to help manage your accounts:

  1. Link your apps. (Example, FB to Twitter and Instagram to Tumblr and Facebook)

  2. Use Hootsuite or other media organizers for quick loading and scheduling.

  3. Keep the name consistent  For me it's easy. Always search Zellykat  (on the rare occasion you can find me at BD-Z or EclecticFable but those are primarily for personal use... and fanfics)

  4. Keep logos updated (currently changing mine)

  5. Try to stay relevant to your niche

  6. TAG YOUR CONTENTt  #Hashtags are your friend

  7. Try to interact with your followers


Take care and have fun experimenting with social media my fellow artists. Good luck on the adventure.

"Instagram Selfie Game: LVL2
New Player Has Joined
Code name: The Kai"

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