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What can Artists and Writers do in Lockdown?

I hope you are all holding up well. This unfortunate outbreak had taken its toll on so many people that I wouldn't be surprised if you were sitting there fantasizing about climbing up a wall like Spider-man. I am right there with ya.

Today, I wanted to offer you all my support. I know it's been hard on all of us. Especially financially. The creative life is not an easy life but you do amazing work and you should be proud that you spent your time creating. It's admirable and quite frankly, the coolest thing you could possibly do.

Our world needs our content. Paid or not, our work is going to help someone out there. Someone who is losing their mind to boredom. Someone who would otherwise be sitting on Tumblr or Reddit, playing the troll. Heck, I've seen a lot of it on Twitter lately. It's kinda scary.

Anyway, I wanted to give you guys a few ideas to help you get through the next few weeks.

I don't know how long your state or country will be experiencing lockdown but I am sure it's longer than initially expected. And to those of you who are starting to open back up, if you feel you are not ready, that's ok. I'm here for you too. Now let's get the purpose of this blog...

Stuff to do in Lockdown

  • Write a short story based on the last movie you just watched. (Yes, fanfiction. Just continue the script. See what happens)

  • Cook something with a theme behind it (Go on Pinterest)

  • Create a challenge list for the upcoming Inktober or another event

  • Join a trading or gifting subreddit - (Make someone's day)

  • Play with Random Generators -

  • Create word searches -


Stuff to Learn In Lockdown!

  • How to make homemade scrubs and self-care recipes

  • How to bake

  • How to say "fuck" in every single language

  • How to use a different art medium

  • How to contact juggle - Do this! It's fun!

  • How to make pizza!

  • How to do a handstand or splits


Things to Buy on Lockdown!

(Affiliate links below - remember, these links help me out. See this post for info.)


These coloring books are just amazing. I really do recommend them.

If not for yourself then maybe for a friend. You need a sense of humor to get through this.


These are a lot of fun. I currently have "My Creativity Journal" by Lisa Dean.

These help spark ideas and I hope to contribute my version of a creative journal to you all soon. Until then, I have free downloads in my links tab.


I don't know about you, but I'm not above kid's crafts. I still use chalk and crayons. lol

I hope this helps you guys get through for however long we are trapped like rats in our cages. Hopefully we will be able to run free soon without fear but until then, keep being creative.

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