Helping Out Artists When You Can't Help Out

As time passes and the end of the lockdown seems like it will never come, you may be wondering how you can help your favorite artists and writers out when you are also struggling to make ends meet. I feel ya.

Normally, I purchase things when my artsy friends are selling in the various venues before we went into lockdown. Now, I can't provide the support I used to be able to. I hit a wall and it sucks. I fell into a spiral of annoying thoughts.

So I sat down and took the time to really untangle this knot of chaotic brain trails. How do I help others? How do I help myself? What is the best way to support the artist community when I don't have the ability to dish out the cash like I used to? Well, here is what I came up with...

How to Help When You Are Broke and Can't Buy Art Stuff

Promote Your Artist Friends

  • Twitter: Tweet your friend's website, blog, ko-fi or Patreon

  • Instagram: Share a post with a Tag on your story

  • Tiktok: Brag about an artist

  • Tumblr: Reblog and/or Tag. You can also make a blog dedicated to sharing art from a single fandom (I do this for my artist friends)

  • Facebook: Share, Invite and basically brag

  • Reddit: Do you have a Reddit group that would love your friends' work? Share it!