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Water Color Painting - Step By Step of Lydia Deetz

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

As a Digital Artists I find that there are some areas in the art world that I need to focus on. One of those areas happens to be traditional painting.

Now I have taken painting classes back when I was in High School and once in collage but frankly, it wasn't enough. Thus, watercolor is a new medium to me. I've been digital for so long that it's a big step to do something that can't be fixed with Cntrl+Z.

Being a mom with curious kids, I have a hard time working on projects that are physical as well. While I can try to give you tips on how to keep a toddler distracted while you work, I would rather show you what I did on this project.(I will revisit that toddler thing later)


Let's Begin.

I'll start with supplies....


Drawing Lydia comes so easily now

After the sketch was complete, I have it a once over to make sure I liked the look.

She looked cute to me. 

Lydia has easily become my most favorite character to draw lately. Her construction is rather simple and after a while I just got used to how the creators of this show designed her.

To make the skin tone, I mixed white, yellow and red to get the color I wanted and  started on her skin.

 I was terrified of screwing this part up.  Skin is the most difficult part of coloring for me. You would think it wouldn't be a problem but unlike fabric the lighting is much different.

Once I put the skin down and it dried I blended with a little more water and let it dry again before I took my white colored pencil to the highlights and my peach and light peach to blend up spots that needed blending.

Now it's time to lay down the colors. The bats were a mix of red, black and blue. very very light on the black and blue. The red, well.. self explanatory.

Purple was mixed traditionally with red, blue and white and the pink was more white than red. Be careful with Pink. It's very bright so you will need to desaturate it.

You can see where I used the "Real Brush" Marker on Lydia's lower lip. So far, I like this brush. 

Her hair is solid watercolor black. No ink there. 

Layer after layer of color added, Eventually it was time to go in with the colored pencils. Crimson Red Prisma pencil went into her poncho to boost up the shadow.

Fiber Castel Ink (I used both xs liner and brush tip) went into the line work around Lydia's face and it was used to make the spider legs.

I didn't even need to bring out the Gel white or black pens this time.

To end the drawing I decided to give it some artistic flair by adding a colored background. The final product ended up with one of my fellow Beetlejuice fans. She also happens to be a great artist. If you look for artwork by "ForeverKnight" pertaining to Beetlejuice, you will find so much of her work.

Well there you have it. My first watercolor painting. I hope you enjoyed the process and maybe found it to be useful to you in your artistic journey.

My Disaster Area....
This, my friends, is one messy media to work with. Though I manage to keep my space pretty clean.
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