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Breakdown - Colored Pencil Drawing #1

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Today I want to share with you a little artistic process.

This is my first Beetlejuice colored pencil drawing!!!!!

I am so proud of how this one came out. I drew this while watching one of my favorite movies. It was then that I discovered my tribe.. yup, I used the term tribe. I just love the Beetlebabes fans. They make me so happy and they make me feel welcome in their community.

So I'm going to show you how I did this drawing... this colored pencil tribute to The Ghost with the Most and his Strange and Unusual living bride. (I used amazon links in this post to help you find the tools I used)

I did the majority of this image with Prisma Premier Colored Pencils and I started with a colored pencil specific sketchbook. I used Strathmore. It's my go to paper brand but I will admit to using computer paper when an emergency arises.

I started with a mechanical pencil to sketch out my design. I'm not that fancy all the time. I'm sure you have your favorite pencils. Never let anyone judge you for your tool of preference.

I will forever live for mechanical pencils... elementary school style.

Following the sketching I often use a kneaded eraser to make my lines a little lighter. The image you see right here was darkened using my phone so you can see the lines.

Here we have the beginnings of color madness. I used some blending pencils to smooth out and blend the darker colors with the lighter colors .

My favorite blender is the Prismacolor Blending Pencil but I've experimented with other types of blending as well. The one using rubbing alcohol and Q-tips was interesting. I didn't do it for this drawing but I tried it on others. Kinda fun but make sure to use thick paper for that one.

After that I used Prisma Verithin Pencils and Copic Multiliners to edge and darken up the blacks. Mostly in Lydia's eyes and to outline the spider necklace.

"We come for your daughter, Chuck."

Not bad for my first Beetlejuice drawing. I had fun with it and it also jumpstarted an obsession. Fun times.

Anyway, I hope this helps give you an idea of how my colored pencil work is broken down. I will have more of these in future posts. Please feel free to share drawings you have done using any of the tools I shared above and always feel free to substitute and suggest tools.

Mechanical Animal... I mean pencil.. mechanical pencil.

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