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When you get an idea in your head, like "maybe I should try making my own Tarot Deck," you have pretty much given yourself one of the hardest challenges an artist can put themselves through. 


Think about it. The standard Tarot deck is 78 cards. 




How can you wrap your mind around this? Well, that's where this book comes into play. I am making my Tarot Deck, and I realized that it would be so much easier to have a workbook to help me get through this process. 


I bought several books in the past to help me learn. I joined communities to learn how to read the cards, and I spent hours online looking up the little details that no one outside of the art and tarot world would care about.


This is the first book in a five-part series to help you create your Tarot Deck. It's simple, easy to read, and straight to the point. You will also find that you are not only going to learn how to design, but you will know the cards better than ever with the breakdowns provided in these pages. 


Here I will guide you through the Major Arcana. The starting point for most people who are learning this art form. I provide sketch pages beside each breakdown page so you can easily design while you read.


Download the PDF, Print, and you are ready to start. 


You will be designing your cards in no time!


Note: The link will expire in 30 Days from purchase. Please reach out if you are having difficulty or are unable to download the book. 

Design Your Own Tarot - The Major Arcana

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